27 April – Post-Qualifications Admissions in Higher Education: the Government review

The Government has announced a major programme of reform for moving to post-qualification admissions in higher education. As part of this, the Government has published a consultation on the proposed reforms, within which it has set out two models: pre-qualification applications with post-qualification offers and decisions; and post-qualification applications and offers.

This event is designed to give independent higher education providers a chance to discuss and debate all aspects of these proposals, and support IHE’s submission to the consultation. The event will hear from guest speakers and cover:

• The recent history of admissions reforms

• Criticism of the current proposals, as well as alternative models

• A chaired discussion around the impact for SMEs and independent providers; creative and practical provision and students; and international students.

This webinar is free for all Independent Higher Education providers.

  • On 14th April 2021