Independent Higher Education Awards 2017 – Categories & Nominations


2017 Award Categories

Best International Student Experience 

Recruiting, educating and supporting international students comes with a unique set of demands. This award recognises a provider who:

  • Provides excellent pastoral and academic support attuned to the specific needs of international students
  • Facilitates the student experience from application through to course completion including integrated support for application and visas.
  • Creates innovative internationalisation programmes, working to support cultural exchange between international and local students and/or communities
  • Builds an international reputation for educational excellence for both their institution and the UK


Outstanding Support for Student Learning

Staff across our institutions work to support every student as an individual and enhance their learning experience. They offer support specific to a students academic, pastoral or career needs, and strive to create a learning environment where every student can find success. The winner of this award will:

  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to enhancing and transforming the student learning experience
  • Provide excellent institution-wide support for staff and students to support the student learning experience
  • Enhance inclusive teaching, learning and assessment
  • Demonstrate impact for specific groups of learners (eg students from widening participation backgrounds, international students, students with disabilities etc)


Innovation in Digital Teaching and Learning

Are you ready for the Millennial Generation? This generation of learners are more digitally aware than ever before. The changing context of higher education means that not only do providers need to lead with innovative digital learning methods, but they also need to use innovations in data and learner analytics to ensure their teaching is meeting the changing needs of students. This award recognises a provider who has:

  • Delivered impactful learning through innovative digital delivery methods
  • Demonstrated excellence in teaching digital skills which are relevant to their specialism or courses
  • Created a supportive environment for staff and students to enhance their own digital skills
  • Used learner data to support student success


Excellence in Student Community

Building a strong student community enhances students’ sense of belonging and supports student retention and success. The winner of this award will:

  • Create meaningful and innovative interactions within the student community and between the student and staff community
  • Foster a partnership with students in creating their own student community
  • Empower students to shape their own learning experience
  • Innovate in advancing equality and diversity at their institution


Industry Partnership of the Year

Many independent higher education providers share strong partnerships with their industries, facilitating industry standards and providing life-long learning opportunities. This award recognises:

  • Providers who are taking innovative approaches to building and maintaining industry partnerships
  • Strong programmes for integrating industry practitioners in learning and teaching and course design
  • Support for returning learners through flexible industry-focused provision
  • Excellence in student outcomes related to industry


Breakthrough in Course Design or Delivery

Independent providers are known for doing things differently, providing an alternative to a more traditional degree course. To celebrate this diversity this award will recognise providers who transform the learning experience through innovative course design and delivery. The winner of this award will:

  • Use innovative technology, pedagogy or practice to provide a unique and impactful student learning experience
  • Engage different knowledge and skills from across and outside the education sector in course design and delivery
  • Engage students in creating innovative course design or delivery
  • Deliver student success above and beyond what is expected
  • On 2nd November 2017