IHE submission to the spending review

This month IHE submitted a set of spending priorities for the Government to consider as part of its forthcoming multi-year spending review. We continue to lobby directly on these proposals, as well as building cross-sector support for them. We called on the Government to continue to support the development of a tertiary education system, with an SME ecosystem at its heart.

We highlighted the following key areas:

  • Teaching funding and regulatory reform to promote a diverse, dynamic and competitive market for high-quality, innovative and flexible provision.
  • Targeted funding and interventions to support a more diverse ecosystem of SMEs, specialist institutions and professional education providers.
  • Targeted government support for the diversification and promotion of new education exports in line with the International Education Strategy.

Please click on the following link to access the “IHE – Chancellor of the Exchequer” document.

Please click on the following link to access the “Independent Higher Education – Submission to the spending review 2020” document.

  • On 30th September 2020