IHE Publishes Strategy for 2018-2020

Independent Higher Education (IHE) has published its strategy for 2018-2020, which sets out IHE’s mission, vision and key goals for 2020. The IHE Strategy 2018-2020 outlines that by 2020, IHE will be recognised and valued by students, providers and Government as:

1 . The authoritative and influential voice of the independent sector in higher education.

2. Driving and securing positive and progressive reforms to tertiary education policy and practice in the UK.

3. Working across the sector and government to protect and strengthen UK international education.

4. Delivering services which are effective in promoting and supporting the success of members.

Read the full strategy document here: IHE Strategy 2018-2020

The full document gives more details on each of these aims and also sets out IHE’s criteria for success for each point. In their introduction to the Strategy, Alex Proudfoot, IHE Chief Executive, and Philip Wilson, IHE Chair, write:

“Higher education is changing. Students today invest more than ever before in their learning and future careers. Employers are more demanding of the skills and the knowledge of the graduates they recruit. The modern world will reward agile and resilient individuals with the creativity to chart their own path and the interpersonal craft to bring others along. 

Independent Providers are setting the pace in developing innovative models and programmes which respond to this change, ensuring that the future of higher education in the UK is as bright as its past. Independent Higher Education will provide them with the leadership and support they need to build on the current reforms and deliver their distinctive missions. This Strategy for 2018-20 sets out how we will deliver our own.” 

  • On 30th November 2017