New Strategy for Independent Higher Education

New Strategy for Independent Higher Education

12 October 2021

Announced at its annual conference today, Independent Higher Education (IHE) has published a new strategy after extensive consultation with its membership. Following COVID and its impact on the higher education sector, the appointment of a new Secretary of State for Education, as well as a significant expansion in its membership – including technology and design institutions such as the Dyson Institute and TEDI-London, IHE has developed a new strategy to take its membership through to 2024.

The strategy focuses on five key objectives, including leadership, innovation, staff development, international markets and shared services.

It is also seeks to deliver in the following key policy areas:

  • Providing greater support for start-ups and scale-ups across all regions of the UK, and providing an enhanced platform for innovative new providers to enter higher education and contribute something new and creative to the sector.
  • Supporting education exports, developing new markets for the UK, and positioning SME providers as central to the International Education Strategy.
  • Embedding better governance throughout IHE’s membership and the independent sector as a whole, as well as promoting the new Code of Governance.
  • Focusing on students and supporting the ‘Many Hands’ mental health collaborative project funded by the Office for Students.

IHE has grown to 60 member institutions that represent some of the leading challenger, vocational, creative and internationally focused providers from across the UK. The new strategy aims to provide a platform to provide greater support for the innovation and specialism that the independent sector represents, and support micro and SME providers to scale-up, work together on shared services, collaborative programmes and to advocate for greater change across the higher education sector.

Click here to download the new Independent Higher Education Strategy 2021-24

  • On 11th October 2021