IHE comments on the Government’s plans to reform the admissions system

IHE comments on the Government’s plans to reform the admissions system

Following the Secretary of State’s announcement regarding the Government’s plans to consult and reform the admissions system, as well the proposals set out by Universities UK in the ‘Fair Admissions Review’, Alex Proudfoot, Chief Executive of IHE, commented:

“We welcome the Secretary of State’s announcement on reforming higher education admissions. This issue has become a central topic for debate across the education sector, and this year more than ever a matter of fairness for young people who have faced so much disruption and disappointment.

“The UK’s higher education sector offers a diverse system of learning opportunities for adults of all ages and at every stage of their career, and independent providers lead the way with multiple start dates and flexible entry and exit points. Any redesign of the admissions process must underpin not undermine this responsiveness, which is so integral to meeting our emerging economic, social and cultural needs.

“We must also remember that the UK is a magnet for international students, and any solution must also accommodate them, not least so that the Government’s own target of increasing numbers to 600,000 by 2030 can be achieved.

“Exams are important, but they aren’t everything, and we will work with the Department to highlight the essential value of contextual information within the admissions process, and the innovative, inclusive and highly personalised approaches that many independent specialist providers have adopted for years.”

The Fair Admissions Review can be found at: https://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/news/Pages/Universities-UK-publishes-recommendations-for-reforms-to-make-university-admissions-fairer-and-more-transparent.aspx





  • On 13th November 2020