DfE Publishes Best Practice Guidance to Help Providers Support Disabled Students

The Department for Education has published a new report which provides best practice guidance to help universities, colleges and independent higher education providers support their disabled students.

The report, titled ‘Inclusive teaching and learning in higher education as a route to excellence’, has been produced by the Disabled Student Sector Leadership Group (DSSLG), which is a new sector-led group supported by DfE. The group is made up of a range of senior representatives and professionals from across the higher education sector and was created in order to share best practice and reflect on how providers can best cater for disabled students.

The report outlines the risks to Higher Education Institutions, and provides guidance to providers on how to best mitigate those risks through exploring examples of best practice, and looking at other potential actions to ensure all students access an inclusive and fair education. The guidance set-out in the report will help to ensure that all higher education providers are suitably equipped to support disabled students to reach their full potential and succeed.

You can download the full report here (PDF)

  • On 30th January 2017