Briefing: Higher Education & Research Bill

Briefing: Higher Education & Research Bill

Independent HE has produced a briefing for MPs on the Higher Education and Research Bill.

Summary of key points:

  • The Higher Education and Research Bill represents a significant and vital change in the way higher education, and independent providers in particular, are regulated in England.
  • For the first time, Government will have a legislated mandate to regulate those providers they do not directly fund, and to create a system ensuring that all meet the same standards.
  • The new single system will provide a coherent regulatory model which enables providers to prove their merit and students to gain access to information, funding and opportunities equal to those who attend traditional universities.
  • The Bill ensures that there is an overarching body (the Office for Students) protecting the interests of students in respect of validation arrangements between universities and colleges. This is essential as it is the students who feel the cost and consequences of arrangements ending prematurely.
  • For providers for whom validation is not the right option, the new developmental Degree Awarding Powers (DAPs) and DAPs specific to subjects/level of study will become a vital tool to ensure they can bring their courses to students.
  • The single Registration system offers significant opportunities for widening participation, increasing access to degree-level study for students from a range of backgrounds.

Read the full briefing here: Independent HE briefing – Higher Education & Research Bill

  • On 1st July 2016
Tags: HE regulation, Parliament