09 September 2020 – Webinar: L&TR sector org future scenarios consultation

As you are probably aware Jisc are currently running a Learning and Teaching Reimagined project. IHE are participating in the project and have agreed to host this session so that the perspective of independent providers can be represented in the discussions. We encourage at least one representative from all our members to attend. This will be of interest to anyone with responsibilities for curriculum or assessment design.

Jisc would like to understand how higher education leaders intend to adjust and adapt their learning and teaching offering in the coming months.

This session will support Jisc to identify and explore the changing nature of your learning and teaching provision and help them understand better what support is needed at this time. It will also allow Jisc to identify and ensure effective change and support mechanisms are in place for students, lecturers, and leaders.

  • On 11th October 2019