06 October 2020 – Webinar: The UK’s new Points-Based Immigration System – Coming to Study and Top Tips

The UK’s new Points-Based Immigration System – Coming to Study – An Introduction and Update – 10.00 – 10.45

The UK Government is pressing ahead with the new PBS, covering EU and non-EU citizens. It is due to come into force on 1 January 2020. There are numerous changes to the main student route (which will replace Tier 4), the short-term study route, study options for visitors and, of course, the introduction of a new graduate route.

This webinar, will focus on study options under the new system and also options for EU students. It is a key opportunity for you to get up to speed with the latest plans. Nichola originally presented on this topic for us in early August. This session will cover the basics and also provide an update on developments since then.

Top Tips for Tier 4 Sponsors (and sponsors under the new PBS) – 11.00 – 11.45

Immigration continues to be a hot topic for UK education providers! Keeping on top of UKVI’s Covid-19 concessions, combined with preparing for the fast approaching introduction of the new PBS, the end of the transition period (covered in our earlier session) and, of course, the usual student recruitment cycle, has kept everyone busy over the spring and summer months. However, it continues to be vital that sponsors keep on top of their Tier 4 sponsor duties, which are also likely to continue to play a central role in the new system is introduced.

This webinar will highlight key compliance risks, taking into account the various recent changes sponsors have been dealing with, and provide tips on the measures sponsors can take to continue to protect their licences.

  • On 11th October 2019