9 December 2021 – OfS registration: An Introduction to the Quality and Standards Review

This is the fourth Online Roundtable on Office for Students Registration.

The Quality and Standards Review (QSR) is a key process in the application for the Office for Students, as it provides assurances that providers meet OfS’ quality and standards provision – frequently referred to as the ‘B’ Conditions. QSR’s are most common as part of the registration process, but can also be used by OfS if a provider is switching from one category to another, or if a significant change has occurred within a provider which suggests there is increased risk of or indeed a breach of the B conditions. This workshop will provide an introduction to the QSR as it is currently designed, and share insights from those who have been through the process – as a reviewer and as an education provider.

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of the role of evaluation of the role external expertise in course design, benchmarking, examining and maintaining academic standards
  • Increased awareness of the quality standards expected for student recruitment, admissions, widening access and student support services.
  • A greater understanding of the expectations for managing assessments in the quality process
  • Identify common strategies for student engagement and understand how they are evaluated as part of the QSR process
  • Increased awareness of the role partnerships and partner organisations play in the QSR process
  • A greater understanding of the QSR process and its interrelationships with the OfS registration and regulatory processes.

This webinar is free for all Independent Higher Education members.

Non members. This webinar is part four of four of the OfS Registration series. All four cost £500 total for non-members and have to be booked together.

  • On 1st September 2021