8 September 2022-Challenging toxic cultures – the role of Investigative Review

Join B3sixty Directors Clive Bane and Vijay Krishnarayan in exploring how using investigative review can help you identify where a toxic culture exists, understand the issues, and put in place the changes required.

In their work on workplace investigation and dispute resolution – which deals with individual grievance and disciplinary issues – they have been aware for some time that wider and deeper negative cultures exist, whether at team, department, or whole organisation level. As a result, they have been developing a response that can both understand the causes and consequences of such a culture and identify what practical steps can be taken to effect necessary change.

Investigative Review takes a “deep dive” into the problem, understanding the background and context, engaging staff and stakeholders in telling their stories, piecing together the evidence, and drawing together the key issues in a way that allows for practical change.

This event is free for all Independent Higher Education members and Launchpad subscribers.

  • On 29th July 2022