28 October 2021- OfS Registration: Which category should my organisation apply for?

A key part of any application to the Office for Students register, particularly for new, smaller or specialist providers, will be the registration category. It can make a significant difference to your application, the way OfS views your risk, and can impact your decisions in the future. This online roundtable will take participants through the two categories of registration in greater detail, with insight from providers who have been through the process for both Approved and Approved (fee cap). It will encourage you to reflect critically on which category is most appropriate for your organisation at registration and for the next stages of your strategy.

Hear from experts who have guided multiple providers through this decision-making process as well as honest advice from different sizes and types of providers, including those who have sought to change their registration category after approval.

This webinar is free for all Independent Higher Education members.

Non members. This webinar is part one of four of the OfS Registration series. All four cost £500 total for non-members and have to be booked together.

  • On 1st September 2021